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Chameleon Cookery

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that in the UK, most of us have a cooking repertoire of less than 5 dishes*. This sounds like a recipe for taste-bud fatigue and we at Chameleon Cookery simply do not believe that anyone should have to suffer such a fate. Any recipe offers the cook an opportunity for experimentation and altering the taste and texture of the food simply by substituting or by adding different ingredients to the basic recipe.

Chameleon is a concept in cooking and entertaining that was conceived by Kasia Foch and Alison Payne-Baader in 2003. Both avid cooks, they sought to write a cookbook that would help others to gain experience and confidence in cooking, and leapfrog years of trial and error in the kitchen. After all, confidence is the key to enjoyable cooking and stress-free entertaining... and we all want a little less stress these days!

Chameleon takes simple and delicious recipes and shows the cook different easy ways to change the taste and the texture of each recipe by experimenting with alternative ingredients, making it easier to later experiment and substitute ingredients with recipes from other cookbooks.

Enjoy this “taster” to Chameleon Cookery! Please explore our site for our latest featured sample recipes.

*The Scotsman, 19 March 2007